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Supereule SUPER-OWL Super Hibou 2000

Supereule SUPER-OWL Super Hibou 2000

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Supereule SUPER-OWL Super Hibou Publisher's Description

Information for parents and teachers concerning SUPER-OWL
Hints for parents and teachers concerning SUPER-OWL

45% of dyslexic children have difficulties with auditory skills

SUPER-OWL has been developed for testing and training basic auditory skills.
These listening skills are necessary for reading and writing, for listening comprehension and for speaking in the native and in foreign languages.
They are also needed for getting the meaning of ironical or emotional remarks and of course for enhanced music listening pleasure.
In this context their main objective is to develop the auditory capabilities of the short term memory.

What skills are trained with SUPER-OWL?
Pitch, timbre and rhythm sequence discrimination with musical, natural, technical, artificial and speech sounds. In order to rule out word recognition, speech sounds are taken from relatively unknown languages like Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Finnish.
Missing and interchanged syllables have to be detected. The CD-ROM is the only medium which allows comparison of two sounds by simple mouse-clicks.
The recognition of isolated sounds is just a first step.
Advanced games require the comparison of melodies and complex sound sequences.

8 games train pitch discrimination,
11 games train melody sequence recognition,
6 games train syllable sequence recognition
2 games train timbre recognition and
1 game trains memorizing names.

Of course most games require a combination of skills.
Testing and training of strategies for the short term memory are the most important learning objectives of these games.

For what age group should this CD-ROM be used?
From grade 2 on, but also adults can gain a personal insight into the the development of their auditory skills.

How to play SUPER-OWL

Headphones or good speakers are recommended.
At the start select hearing test or games, then difficulty level, duration (short for testing, long for training)
and a group of games ( 1, 2 or 3 ).
Start at difficulty level normal. If you almost reach the top scores indicated in the table switch to level difficult.
Scores are recorded in c: eule1.txt and c: eule2.txt after completing all 10 games of a group with at least 1 point each.
Scores are displayed as follows:

G(group number) level (0 = normal; 1 = difficult) duration (1 = short, 2 = long) name, seconds used, total score P. game scores, date

Important: If some of the games seem too difficult for you just double the time (duration = long). Many people score low at first because they have never been trained to compare sounds.

Protection note
This CD-ROM is protected by international copyright law. It also contains a special protection system.
The publisher explicitly denies all responsibility for an eventual damage caused by the use of an illegal copy of this CD-ROM.

Informations on SUPER-OWL


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